USA ELITE TRAINING – Softball Training CT


Real Time Virtual Lessons Testimonials

“It was a great way to keep motivated during this time. I was able to communicate with Jen and get immediate feedback. It was as if she was standing right next to me”. Sophia T

“I can’t believe how fast and organized it was, it was very impressive” Rich

“Our video lesson was great!  My daughter got all the same detailed feedback as in the facility.  With two camera angles, Jen can see everything she needed to help her improve.  It was just like being there in person.”  Doug

Wanted to send a note to say that Cameron’s first virtual training session worked out great.  It was just like being there in person!  With the 2 camera setup, one in front and one in back, as per your suggestion, it worked perfectly to give you a good view to analyze Cameron’s motion.  We had all of your suggested training tools handy and it was very simple to move from drill to drill per your instruction.  Considering we are 2 hours away, we’ll definitely use this option in the future, even when we’re not Covid restricted anymore.  Very happy we could make this virtual lesson work.  It gives Cameron a great opportunity to continue working while we are home!

See you virtually at our next lesson. …Tara and Cameron


Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the virtual pitching lesson today for Caroline!  The Zoom meeting was super easy on both the iPad and the laptop and with just a little area in the basement, Caroline was able to go through her complete lesson and get real time feedback on her drills and full pitching!  I think Caroline has embraced this window to refine her technique and continue to develop her pitching skills and these video conference lessons are a great way stay on track, get real time feedback and continue building a development plan suited for what she needs right now.  Thanks for making this happen Jen and keeping Caroline on track, so glad we made the move to USA Elite!


Showcase Testimonials

 “As a local high school and AAU softball coach we have brought our kids to both the USA Elite Northern Exposure events in the summer and fall. We found it beneficial for a majority of our players who want to attend high academic northeastern schools. We find that USA Elite Showcase does a number of things to secure college coaches to attend their camps and events and it shows with their attendance year in and year out.

Our experience has always been a positive one. The field locations are well organized with a number of staff members stationed at each field complex. They are friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have in regard to your team or the event in general. 

Each location also has a number of food/drink options making it convenient for our player families to stay at the parks with no need to travel off site for any reason.

It is my belief that USA Elite Showcases are run so well because of their tremendous communication from the top down. Any time I have had an issue with a potential scheduling problem or questions regarding the weather/field conditions for a particular game day they have always answered me in a timely fashion and done their best to accommodate my team within reason.

I’d highly recommend USA Elite Showcases to any potential club travel teams looking for a platform to showcase their players to college coaches. It is affordable and they do a great job of maximizing the financial expense made by attending teams. Unlike a number of showcase events I’ve attended over the years the USA Elite Staff focuses their effort in attracting and maintaining working relationships with a number of universities and colleges to ensure successful events each year.”        -Craig Sears, Travel Ball & High School Coach

The college showcases are run very well and strongly recommended. This is where you put all the training to work. Again, at these showcase you have all the USA Elite staff there, although, they are running the showcase or individual events they are there to give you quick support and reminders. With my daughter I have traveled all over the country to play in showcases and say with confidence the USA Elite Showcases are some of the best in the country.”

-Michael Catanzarita

I would definitely recommend USA Elites tournaments/individual events. The tournaments and individual events are well run and the amount of college coaches in attendance is impressive. Also, a lot of the top teams throughout the Northeast attend this showcase which makes the games very competitive.”  -Mike Signore

The USA Elite college showcases and individual showcases give players a chance to play in front of coaches from all different college levels.  The events are well attended and are a great opportunity for players to show coaches how they perform against tough competition.”

-Noel Lawton

Jen brings more colleges to her events than other showcases.  The showcases were well organized and the ability to showcase individually was especially beneficial, including the video of performances.” – Michelle Napoli

I have participated in individual showcase events and I would highly recommend the experience to other players looking to play in college. A great amount of college coaches are there, allowing the player to be looked at at various division levels. The amount of effort that is put into the event is out of this world, and it shows.”                   -Jeff Torreso

We have participated in the next level clinic. This was a great learning experience with the interaction of college coaches, varying from D1 to D3 and each having something different to share.”                                -Frank Milazzo, Parent and Travel Ball Coach  

We highly recommend both the individual and team showcases. Even if you are unsure what the next level is for you as a player, it’s a good experience and definitely forces girls outside their comfort zone and their current team. It’s easy to get complacent when you face the same teams weekend and after weekend, showcases allow you to stretch your skills and face competition from all over! If you’re even debating “more” out of your softball career, then a USA Elite showcase is most certainly for you!”                        –Jodie Adolfson

Other Testimonials

“Selecting Jen Hapanowicz and USA Elite Training has made a tremendous impact on my daughter in the increasingly competitive world of Youth and Connecticut High School Softball.  Jen and her team of coaches have helped mold Molly into a State Champion Pitcher and have guided her toward a college softball career.  Their approach is based on proven techniques and methodologies that have given countless young women the physical and mental tools necessary to be successful on and off the field.  Bring a love of the game, a willingness to work hard, a commitment to excellence and be open to change; your results and the improvement in your player will speak for themselves.  My family is sincerely grateful for the contributions that the people of USA Elite Training have made towards Molly’s achievements.”

  – Chris Adamo

“I have been a USA Elite client since 2015 – since my daughter was 7 years old and heard about USA Elite through its strong partnership with our local softball girls softball league in Southington.  I would highly recommend USA Elite to any softball player looking to learn & advance their game.  Jen and her staff are incredible.  The instructors are engaging, knowledgeable and they excel at teaching the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, throwing, catching and pitching.  Both their group sessions and one-on-one sessions are extremely beneficial to both young players and older players.  The aspect of USA Elite that I like best is that each of their instructors are former USA Elite students themselves, so they know the proper way to teach; and since each of their instructors are either current or former collegiate softball players, they bring next-level experiences to the instruction sessions.

The one-on-one lessons that they provide are second to none.  My daughter takes pitching lessons and these lessons helped my daughter establish a foundation on which to build.  The lessons are 30 minutes to 1 hour long and have taught my daughter proper technique.  The best thing about the 1:1 is that the instructor puts in the time during the session to make the adjustments needed – on the spot.  The instruction is intimate, encourage and engaging.  What is extremely unique is that the instructor takes notes during the entire lesson and then provides you with a written homework sheet for you to take home study and practice when the lesson is over.  So when you come back to the next lesson – you have made the corrections and come back to the next lesson better! 

The improvement has been tremendous…my daughter started pitching at age 7 with Jen and her staff, and now she is 12…her pitching fundamentals, speed & her ability to make in game adjustments are attributed to the instruction that she gets.  She has always stepped up in games, big games, and she is always in control of the game with the confidence and knowledge that USA Elite has armed her with.”    -Dennis Insogna

I have been a client at USA Elite for four years.  USA Elite was recommended to me by a friend.

I would absolutely recommend USA Elite to other softball players.! USA Elite features a superb system, excellent facility, and the best training staff in the region.  The 1:1 lessons have taken my daughter from a novice pitcher to a pitcher competing at the highest levels. She regularly out competes her peers and we owe her success to USA Elite lessons.  We could not ask for anything more. Our daughter is consistently improving. and this has translated directly into success on the field.  We would definitely recommend the college showcase tournaments and showcase

events. The video from the showcase was instrumental in securing a spot for

our daughter at a highly competitive independent high school.        – Richard Bacher, Parent  

“I have been taking my daughter (Aliya Catanzarita currently playing softball at Hofstra University) since she was around 8 years old. She fell in love with their training program immediately. We heard about USA Elite via the youth programs in Cheshire, CT.  I would and have recommend USA Elite to others. In fact, I coached this is where I sent my players. The hitting and pitching training are second to nobody. The one thing that has always impressed me with USA Elite is how they incorporate all the newest technology; such as video analysis/training and the Blast Sensor with their training philosophy.  

Over the years we have taken full advantage of all the training USA Elite offers. The 1 on 1 lessons were very helpful and continue to be. However, I would recommend the pitching & hitting clinics as well as the 4X4 games held over the winter. The pitching and hitting clinics are cost effective ways to get your players reps and work on their mechanics. For us, we always took advantage of the clinics since they were great ways to fine tune for the season. One of the best things USA Elite offers are the 4X4 games over the Winter months going into the Spring season. Where else can you get 10 at bats in an hour against live pitching or as a pitcher facing live hitting and working on your pitches and get immediate feedback on how your pitches are working. This always prepared my daughter for the upcoming high school season.  

The training given to my daughter has given her great confidence on the field, however, I think more importantly it has also given her confidence off the field. It has taught her how to overcome, whatever, obstacles are in her way. She has learned the measure of a good athlete is the one that makes their weaknesses their strengths. At the D-1 level my daughter has been able to get feedback from all her coaches at USA Elite by sending them videos and making suggested adjustments. Having USA Elite as a resource is irreplaceable. 


-Michael Catanzarita, Parent

“I have been a client at USA Elite for 6-7 years. USA Elite is synonymous with softball training at the highest level, we were introduced by a coach when my daughter was 9.  We would absolutely recommend USA Elite.  Primary focus from Jen and her coaching staff is on training mechanics for female athletes. They work to prevent injury for pitching, hitting or fielding.  Clinics are always well staffed and organized, drills are useful and easy for athletes to take away and do on their own. 1on 1 lessons have been very focused, time is always utilized to maximize the athletes potential. I have witnessed many times the coach taking time to also discuss the mental aspect of the game.  We have seen improvements week over week, in mechanics and understanding of the skill and tools required to achieve top performance.   We have participated in a few events at this point. The individual college camp is very well run, plenty of college coaches observing. Also the All Star game is another great event and attraction, coaches get to see athletes in their primary position in a relaxed game format.  The College showcases attracts coaches from all divisions, gives the athletes an opportunity to display their talent, USA Elite coaches have deep knowledge in the recruiting process.”              – Chris Hills

“We have been a client for 7 years.   We HIGHLY recommend USA Elite for all softball players looking to learn the game, take their game to the next level or those who strive to become truly elite. USA Elite is very well organized with excellent service and the staff have a vested interest in each player’s learning and success. It’s run very efficiently. We love that the same method is taught to all players so different coaches can work with the same player.   

The 1:1 lessons are without peer. They are without a doubt the best way to supercharge a player’s development. They also force a player to be accountable and to do the work in between lessons. There is no magic bullet to becoming a great softball player, but 1:1 lessons and hard work are a great start!

Improvement has been dramatic over the years, not only in velocity, but spin and pitch variety. We have also seen huge improvement in game management. Game performance has been stellar and consistency has improved each and every year.” – Paul Schatz

“We have been a client for 8 years. I heard about USA Elite through a friend in Little League who recommended your pitching program.  My daughters pitching coach as well as the other instructors at USA Elite are very knowledgeable and want to see the girls succeed on the field.

The clinics are well organized and my daughter not only learned a new skill or two at each clinic, but had fun doing it. The 1:1 pitching lessons have been excellent for my daughter. One of the things I respect the most about the pitching program is that she is held accountable for putting in the necessary work outside of her 1:1 lessons.  My daughter has continued to show year over year improvement in all facets of pitching throughout her time at USA Elite. Not just in wins and losses, but her understanding of the game of softball.  

-Mike Signore

“We have been clients since August 25, 2018. We heard of Jen Hapanowicz and USA elite through word of mouth within our travel team organization. We  would recommend Jen Hapanowicz in particular and USA Elite in general.  We have received excellent pitching instruction with video analysis and great feedback in the form of individualized drills and instruction. We have had a fantastic experience with 1 on 1 pitching lessons with Jen Hapanowicz. Clinics were all very well-run.

Yes, there has been tremendous improvement in pitching speed, location, and ball movement. Also, I am more confident and better prepared mentally than I otherwise would have been.  I feel that Jen Hapanowicz has taught me to self-diagnose so that when things go a little off-track I can often make appropriate and timely in-game adjustments. Yes, I was very happy with the videos and exposure to college coaches at showcase tournaments.  I would strongly recommend the showcases to others.”         -Gail and Gerald M. Gallant 

“We have been a client for about a year and a half. We were recommended to USA Elite by our travel coaches and other players parents. Yes I would recommend USA Elite to others. The focus to details has help my daughter improve dramatically. The 1:1 lessons has been wonderful my daughters pitching and hitting has improved 10 fold.  The improvement in my daughters pitching has help her win many games and her hitting improvement keeps her batting 3 or 4 on her travel team.” – Mike Krijgsman

“Sarah  began working with Coach Hapanowicz in the Fall of 2015, after hearing about her by word of mouth and with the encouragement of her travel coach, Neil Swanchak.  I would recommend USA Elite to other Softball players; in fact Sarah’s younger sister Samantha is a student of Coach Hapanowicz. Coach Hapanowicz is invested in the success of her students. She takes the time to talk with her students about what their goals are and she is honest about what it will take for her students to reach those goals.   Coach Hapanowicz has being invaluable in her coaching of both Sarah and Samantha, providing coaching of both the physical and the mental aspects of the game.  After Sarah started with Jen, her game time performance improved greatly. She was more focused, more demanding of herself and learned to approach the game with a plan.  Noel Lawton, Parent  

“We stated July/August 2017 after internet search/reviews.  I would recommend it because they are consistent in their teaching which yield results. Also they build on mastering skills. 

I have been improvements in reaction time, strength and confidence. I feel that the instructors know how to upbuild the player mentally. For our daughter, she needs to have strong instructors that will motivate her but will also correct constructively when she is not putting her best effort during the lessons.”                – Magda

 “Maddie has been a client since January 2020.  I heard about USA Elite from a friend, Anthony DeStefano

The instruction is unmatched.  There is also a very structured approach to ensuring the proper pitching form. The 1:1 lessons have been excellent. The instructors are knowledgeable and they really care about the players improving and getting better. 

Maddie picked up 6 mph in less than 6 months. But more importantly her form has improved.”

-Walt Pickett, Parent

“We’ve been a client for 9 years.  My daughter participated in a preseason clinic sponsored by our local recreational league. The clinic focused on basic skills for a new player.

We have attended summer camps, 4×4 winter leagues, group lessons, individual lessons,  college recruitment camps and athletic training seminars.  It is evident that Jen and the staff know the sports, know how to teach the skills necessary to grow as a player and they always have the girls’ best interests at heart.

My daughter has attended camps and clinics and had 1:1 lessons for pitching and hitting.  The 1:1 lessons were critical to my daughter’s growth as a pitcher. My daughter’s knowledge of the game and the skills and experience needed to succeed were developed at USA Elite.

 Michelle Napoli, Parent

“We originally heard about you from one of our friends that took lessons at your facility. We have been USA Elite clients for about 3 years now.  The USA Elite coaches motivate you to be the best you can be. They teach you accountability and make sure that you are putting in all of your effort. The coaches also make sure that you and your goals are put first.

During 1:1 lessons, all of the attention is put in the student. The technology and equipment that is provided to the student helps them understand the correct form they need to put into practice. I am pushed by my coach to the best of my ability, further improving my mental and physical game.   I have seen tremendous improvement in my game time and practice performance. With the workouts that are provided to the student and the drills that are given, you build endurance and strength. This translates into game time performance, allowing you to last an entire game, pitching at your best.  Jeff Torreso, Parent

“We have been a client at USA elite for 5 years and heard of you through John Guillette whose  daughter was taking lessons .  Absolutely great place for athletes to develop and grow. Outstanding role models.

Great instruction and attention to detail instilled a great work ethic in my daughter.  We have seen great improvement in my daughter

She is first team all NVL and All State two-year captain MVP of NVL championship game.   Also gave her the confidence to tryout and play for team long island. She also moved on to play in college.  Best run tournament in New England.  Tons of coaches.  Gives ever team a chance to play in front of as many coaches as possible. Would highly recommend to any team.”

                  -Jay Borkowski

“We have been a client for the last 8 years.  We heard about USA Elite though word-of-mouth in the Town of Wallingford.  Absolutely yes because of the variety of their individual lessons, camps and clinics and winter 4X4 games, and their knowledge and contacts with college recruitment process.

Our daughter started by attending pitching clinics and camps which progressed into 1:1 lessons developing her into a competitive pitcher.   Our daughter has seen monthly and yearly  improvement and development in all aspects of pitching.  This includes her game mindset progressing from 12U to 18U.

Our daughter had participate in both team and individual USA Elite College showcases since the 8th grade.  This has prepared her for the competitive college softball recruitment process.  Each year the USA Elite showcase offers a large variety of all college division levels attending the showcase.  We would absolutely recommend this program to anyone.”   -Ed Tenero

“We’ve been clients for about 4 years now.  We heard about you through other clients in our recreational and travel softball leagues. I would absolutely recommend USA Elite to others.   Jen’s instructors are well trained, and Jen, herself, is an amazing coach.  In just 4 months of working with Jen, my daughter increased her pitching speed by 5 MPH and learned a new pitch well enough to throw it during a game.  Jen is able to push the girls to better themselves.  While she may come across as gruff, she truly has their best interests in mind.

-Kim Math

“We’ve been a client a little over a year.  Lily’s high school catcher played on a travel team with with one of Jen’s students.  Yes, the instant feedback and knowledge the Jen has is hands down the best I’ve seen.  When practicing the proper mechanics the she teaches not only does your child get better, they wont be injuring themselves from bad form.

We have done 1:1 pitching lessons which have been extremely beneficial. The hitting clinics were very nice as well, stations for every kid and lots of instruction.   When we first brought Lily to Jen she threw pretty hard but was constantly hurting herself and struggling a little with accuracy.  Now, she throws harder with no pain and it looks effortless when she pitches.

We have gone to 1 individual showcase.  It was her first one so a little nervous.  It went well and we would recommend it for any kid who plans on playing at the next level.”

                                    -Justin McCauliffe

“We have been with USA Elite for five years.  We heard about USA elite from the Burns family.

We would and have recommended USA Elite to other players. The system is based on the fundamentals of pitching and how you work to get to the next step when you are ready. 

The majority of what we have been involved in are the 1:1 lessons. This has been a wonderful experience allowing Bella to grow as both a pitcher and an individual. Whether it has been questions about her mechanics, how to pick the right or college or a story she has to tell, Bella has experienced growth through this experience.

There has been continued improvement from the lessons that have been received. The lessons have helped in either working and striving to perfect the mechanics involved in a pitch, such as the drop, rise, curve and screwball, or how to work through a progression of pitches in order to keep hitters guessing as to what comes next.  Frank Milazzo, Parent

“At age 9, my daughter started training at USA Elite during the group clinics for hitting and pitching group clinics. She’s now 14 and still maintains a weekly visit to her rainer at USA Elite. I found out about Jen and the staff at USA Elite via a simple Google search. At the time, we needed clinics or training on weekends and this fit our criteria perfectly.   

Absolutely and I do often! Through the years, when speaking with non-USA Elite pitchers, and their parents many complain about back, arm or shoulder issues on their 14, 15, and even 16 year old children. Due to Jen’s methodical and systematic training standards, we’ve never had any ailments or injuries and I compliment Jen on her pitching style and ensuring proper form to keep pitchers injury free! The form first methodology is key as the rest (speed, consistency, additional pitch styles) will come with a lot of hard work and practice!  

In the beginning, the clinics were just what we needed as my daughter was new to the sport and had a desire to learn how to pitch. The clinics were terrific and definitely taught her a lot of the fundamentals which made the transition to private lessons easier.

100% improvement! Without USA Elite’s top-notch training, Sydney’s game would not be at the travel team level. Jen and her team of trainers have coached, encouraged and pushed my daughter since the age of 9 into the pitcher that she is today and we expect even more as college is now the future goal!

Jodie Adolfson, Parent