USA ELITE TRAINING – Softball Training CT

USA Elite Training LLC is proud to have trained some of the best players to emerge onto the collegiate stage. Our commitment to each player is to recognize their natural skills and abilities, and then build a state-of-the art and totally unique training program for them. What sets us apart from other facilities is our focus on ALL 3 KEY AREAS OF PLAYER TRAINING: MENTAL, PHYSICAL, & SKILLS TRAINING. This results in a comprehensive and truly transformative program for the players!

  • To provide youth softball players of all ages the opportunity to receive quality instruction in the fundamentals of the game of softball, with the goals to reach their full potential and raise their playing skill to the next level.
  • We achieve this by providing high quality personal or group instruction, an opportunity to practice year around in our indoor training center, and the ability to learn the art of playing softball from our professional training consultants with over 50 years of playing & coaching experience.
  • USA Elite Training, LLC, has been providing professional softball training for the past twenty nine  years to players in New England starting from age seven to the top collegiate athletes. At USA Elite Training LLC, we specialize in softball only. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the cutting edge training techniques and the most effective training equipment to help your softball players get to the next level.  Over the past sixteen years we have developed the Hapanowicz Training method, which separates us from the others.
  • Our professional training staff at USA Elite Training LLC, has over fifty years of combined playing and coaching experience, and this knowledge and experience on the field helps our staff be positive role model for your players. Our training professionals are focused on helping each player achieve her personal goals and to get to the next level. Our staff is dedicated to our client’s personal goals ,which can be making the Little League All Star Team, starting on the high school softball program, or aspiring to play at the collegiate level.
  • Jennifer Hapanowicz, is the founder of USA Elite Training LLC, and the author of Hapanowicz trained teaching method. She has over twenty years experience in the softball training and recruiting industry. Coach Hapanowicz has been instructing youth softball players of all ages in the New England Region, including, CT, NY, NH, RI, and MA. During her college years, she played at the University of Rhode Island on an athletic scholarship as a pitcher and first baseman.