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The Confident Mindset

6 Week Class 


January 18-February 22

Wednesday Evenings

Time: 6-7pm EST 45min class over Zoom


Confident athletes perform when it matters most. They believe that they can do what it takes and their abilities match the task at hand. They think they can, so they do. In this 6 week class, athletes train the mind to become an ally versus an enemy. By understanding how thoughts, emotions,  and behaviors all connect, athletes will learn how to enhance confidence as one of the most important mental skills of the game. This class covers multiple different sources of confidence to create a holistic approach to both the feelings and actions of confidence. 


What the class covers:

·      What confidence Is and what it isn’t

·      Why it matters

·      Struggles and adversities to being confident as an athlete

·      Keys to building confidence through discussion & activities

·      Practice work with weekly check-ins

·      A plan to practice and apply a constructive and confident mindset


                                          Private Mental Coaching Sessions

Registration Prices:
Series of 5 lesson packages (choice of 30 or 60 min) MEMBERS ONLY 
30 minute sessions: Member ONLY: $200
60 minute sessions Member ONLY! $400

Individual Sessions:

30 minute individual coaching:  Member:  $40; Non-Member:  $45
60 minute individual coaching:  Member:  $75; Non-member:  $85



This class is designed to optimize your performance mindset. Athletes work to create a mental routine and action plan throughout the season and beyond. Topics of interest and personalized coaching include pre-pitch/hitting routines, confidence, energy management, breathing, visualizations, and goal setting practices. This class is designed and would be great for anyone seeking to gain a softball competitive advantage, work through mental challenges associated with both practices and elite performances, and improve the mind & body connection. Athletes are also strongly encouraged to sign up for the introductory 8-week mental skills training class, based on the book Mind Gym.

About Coach Erika Osherow, M. Ed. CSCSErika was a personal client of Coach Hapanowicz in both pitching and hitting since 7th grade.   Erika was stand out Softball player at Darien High School from 2011-2015, where she was a pitcher and shortstop. She continued her playing career at the University of Virginia on a full athletic scholarship.  Upon graduation with her BS in Kinesiology and Psychology with Honors, she received the ACC Postgraduate Scholarship and Life Skills Award Scholarship. She pursued her MEd at the University of Virginia in Exercise Physiology and earned the Curry School of Education David F. Cook Award for Graduate Excellence. She is certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as well.  Erika’s additional experience includes working as a performance psychology intern at the Center for Enhanced Performance at the United States Military Academy at West Point. She also has worked as a virtual health coach for Noom, Inc. Erika is currently pursuing her M.A in Sport & Performance Psychology from the University of Denver.

  • Understand how to elevate your game by connecting both the mind and body
  • COVID has created a lot of challenges both mentally in the unknown of seasons, social gatherings, engagement in society, schooling, and especially sports
  • Overall PRIORITIZATION of well-being 
  • Create an open space for Elite Softball Players to connect once a week to talk about softball and share success and struggles
  • Approaching the mind can be daunting…let’s create a simplified space to apply and talk about mental skills to cope, approach, and conquer life on and off the field
  • Athletes will have the opportunity to purchase and sign up for an extension of the program that meets individually with a coach to go over mental and physical self-assessments, personal goal setting, and create a specific action plan heading into the 2021 season. 

This course will provide the athlete with an understanding of sport training mental techniques that can be used and understood in the context of softball performance. The group format will elicit direct application to serve specific individual and shared experiences. It will be a place to talk through the mental challenges and skills necessary day to day as well as how to handle the stressors of becoming an elite athlete. Topics will include motivation, self talk, breathing, mindfulness, imagery, confidence, and peak performance. The course required reading will be Mind Gym by Gary Mack. 

  1. Learn and apply the basic skills of sports psychology as a softball player
  2. Create a toolbox of techniques and repertoire of skills to deploy in moments of high emotion
  3. Generate a framework of how the mind and body can work together to accelerate your growth as an athlete
  4. Apply the tenets of Mind Gym to your own game and life
  5. Elicit conversation around the mental side of softball to give you a competitive advantage