USA ELITE TRAINING – Softball Training CT

Real Time Virtual Lessons via Zoom with our coaches from the comfort of your own training area-whether that be in your basement, garage or yard.   We will be scheduling sessions the way we schedule in-house lessons now – by emailing or calling the facility.  Real Time lessons will be entered into our scheduling system and you will receive an email reminder, you will also receive a separate email with a Zoom meeting link.  We also still ask you to provide 24 hour notice for cancellations or to reschedule.

Length of Real Time Lesson:   30 minutes/1 hour

Real Time Lessons Fees: 

Director:  $45 ( 30 minutes) or $90 (1 hour)

Senior Instructor:  $40 (30 minutes) or $80 (1 hour)

Instructors:   $35 (30 minutes ) or $70 (1 hour)

How to Set up Device for video: you’ll need a folding chair, bucket or tripod to place your device on that you are using to video the lesson.  Please download Zoom App so when we send you the link it will open.

How Many Devices can we use?   We have found that most clients are using 2 devices (can be 2 phone, computer, Ipads, tablets). We will need 2 emails to send out the two invites one for each device. We suggest putting device 6 feet to side and behind the pitcher’s throwing arm so that instructor can see the player and the pitching location.  The other angle to side or front or front of the pitcher. For hitting lesson- the side and behind angle of the hitter. *** Also very important ** Please make sure your devices are fully charged!

If you have any of these tools please have them available for the lesson:

Pitching Tools:  Items that we suggest you have for lesson if you have them at home: spinner, big ball, weighted ball, ankle weights, balance beam, pillow, stretch cords, queen of the hill.

Hitting Tools:  Insider bat, small bat, softies or regular balls, Chuck-it, batting tee

When to Log in for lesson: Be ready to Log in 5 minutes before lesson time.  If your screen shows no video, you need to go to the bottom left of your screen and hit the video button to activate the video.