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Why Us


At USA Elite Training, we are a softball training center that has a unique training platform- created and developed by our founder Jen Hapanowicz. Using our program, your daughter is guaranteed to work with highly trained and knowledgeable coaches that will bring her to the next level. Here at USA Elite, there is consistency with instruction and teaching methodology. All of our coaches are trained in the Hapanowicz teaching methods. Our coaches use their wealth of experience to mentor players and help develop them in all aspects of the game. This training system has been developed and created with proven success for over 30 years, with 35,000 students trained and $45 Million in college scholarships.

Certified Coaches


All our coaches are trained in-depth in the Hapanowicz training methods. This certification requires all coaches to go through 3 months of training: including shadowing current coaches in training session, online training, testing and continuing training sessions are provided by the owner on a regular basis. This allows our coaches to be fully prepared and trained before they work with any players.


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               Our Difference            What is different about our training program compared to others? Our lessons are all inclusive which include: cutting edge training tools, interactive technology with video feedback for all our members, and radar. We provide services within our lessons to give specific data to bring our athletes to the next level, including measuring pitching speed and bat exit velocity. All members receive detailed video analysis after each session not just telling the player what to work on, but drills they need to improve their skills. As a member you will have access to view this feedback as often as you like to make the most of the instruction provided during your session.

Softball Instructors

Our Instructors are former players and coaches and have been trained in the Hapanowicz Training method.  They have the knowledge of the biomechanics and fundamental mechanics of the pitching, hitting, and throwing and are able to help players develop to the next level of play.  The instructor’s job is incredibly important to our process of developing players that are new to our system of coaching.  They work to build a strong foundation of mechanics in these players to help with long-term success with the goal of moving up to working with our senior and master coaches.  


Senior Softball Instructors

A Senior Coach has had extensive experience in both coaching and playing softball. These coaches are former collegiate players, as well as college and high school coaches.  Our Senior Coaches have been trained in the Hapanowicz Training method.  These coaches have extensive knowledge of the biomechanics and advanced mechanics of the pitching, hitting, and throwing. They are able to help the advanced players reach the next level of play they desire to reach.  


Master Instructor


Our Master coaches have been teaching at a very high level for over 10 years or have been in the USA Elite Training teaching system for over 10 years.  The Master Coaches are thoroughly proficient the biomechanics and fundamental mechanics of pitching, hitting, and throwing. Our Master Coach has played at a high level and coached at the highest level.  The Master coaches have not only been certified in the Hapanowicz trained methodology but also help mentor and certify new instructors with in the Hapanowicz trained system.  Our Master Coach has had proven success in our teaching program and has shown consistent results with our students. 


Coach Jen Hapanowicz, who is the Founder at USA Elite will continue to do lessons with a with a select group of clients who meet a particular set of qualifications. She will continue to do new client evaluations, group lessons, special events, and meetings with clients to advise on college recruiting.

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